These “like” alternatives have disembarked on the most used social network (1,5 million users) on February 24th and it seems they will stay for a long time.


Facebook launched the Reactions, providing instead of a Dislike button, a big range of articulable emotions in a social network beyond a like/dislike.


The Reactions are available for iOS and/or Android operating systems` apps. In these, you only need to hold down the like button and new emojis are displayed. You can also use them on the web, you place the cursor and Reactions are automatically displayed.


Regarding functionality, this launch gives people the option to express in different ways beyond like or dislike. “I love it”, “I´m amused”,  “I´m amazed”, “I´m sad” and “I´m angry” are the options on this new extension.


Below every Post there is a summary detailing how many times each Reaction is clicked.


Other aspect to take into account is that these reactions can only be used to express a reaction regarding a Post, not about the comments people make of it.


Finally, it is valid to confirm that this launch represents a quality leap for the brands in terms of consumer´s feedback about how they are reacting about their posts.


Regarding these changes, Socialmetrix reacts following all Facebook´s updates to rapidly integrate them with our product Socialmetrix Quantum. We are expecting to find how these Reactions will implicate the social network to incorporate the results to our solutions.


There is big expectation as our purpose is to deliver clear and trustable information to our customer, and Reactions will fill an emotional void in expressing emotions on Facebook, enabling an effective and clear analysis.