Days are running and Facebook is improving the experience that it introduced with Facebook Live back in June. Analysing the usage that people give to this tool, it has been announced from Facebook newsroom that new supports to transmit live are been required. In consequence, after Facebook live 360 launch on December 12, Facebook Live Audio sticks out.  

Regarding its functioning, it is practically the same as a video live, with the chance of adding comments and reactions while the transmission goes on. But there is a remarkable item, Live Audio presents a new option to connect with audiences in real time, from low connectivity areas.
“We know that sometimes editors want to tell a story by words and no in video format” they say from Facebook to put in value the launching of this format, that is not available for everyone yet (in the next few weeks, they will be testing Live Audio with their partners, including BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins, and authors like Adam Grant and Britt Bennett. They are planning to make this format available to more editors and people by next year’s beginning).


Continuing with the analysis of this new feature, another of the most interesting aspects is related to the consumer behaviour study. People use to listen audios while they are doing other activities. And this is what Facebook Live Audio comes to offer, multitasking. You might be working, running, and still keep on listening your favourite things.
As for operating systems, people who use Android devices can keep on listening Live Audio emissions even if they leave Facebook app or if they decide to block their phones. On iOS listeners side, they will be able to continue listening while they surf other Facebook sections.
For now, it only remains to wait until Facebook studies this extension’s impact and they announce the launching for every user along and across the planet.