Have we ever done an intelligence analysis on the competition about the posts they make? And regarding these, can we identify if they are part of an organic content or a promoted post?


Socialmetrix addresses this issue to make a difference and provides the users of Socialmetrix Quantum the possibility of identifying which posts received some kind of investment, whether they are own posts or from the competition.


Being specific, this new functionality allows to know:


  • Which content was promoted?
  • When was it posted?
  • Which volume of interactions received and when they occurred?
  • What´s the content about?

Answers to these questions are a significant component for all professionals working with social media data. So much so, that knowing in depth how the competition works we could plan precise communication actions without neglecting resources to obtain increasingly better results.


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Why do agencies also benefit?
It is important to point out that the new Socialmetrix feature, Promoted Posts, is key for agencies. Why? This functionality is particularly important because it allows a detailed analysis of content performance of customers and the competition, whether organic or promoted, and with that information in hand it is possible to justify a paid investment, using a comparative criteria.

Finally, it is important to clarify that Promoted Posts is available for Customers on all Quantum plans, including those acquiring the trial version. At no additional cost!


Regarding its use, you only need to enter on Stream to identify the posts that are identified as “Promoted” or “Organic”, and by entering on Content they are identified on the “Top Posts”.


Will information be available retrospectively?


Yes, this new functionality was implemented on our systems as of 1/1/2016. This means that you can start identifying if a post is “Promoted” or “Organic” from that date.


Posts before that date, are not considered for identification by the system.


Have specific metrics been incorporated for Promoted Vs. Organic?


We are working on incorporating them. Very soon you will have a new set of metrics and more control on posts that are your responsibility.