On a global level, the commercial airline industry has been growing proportionally in user volume in the digital sphere, focusing on rendering quality services in comfort as well as efficiency. At the same time, this industry exhibits higher pecuniary activity than many others.
Having said that, are the world’s main airlines making effective use of their social platforms? This report is intended to respond to this question through a complete quantitative analysis of social media. 

For the generation of the report, public data from the social media accounts of the analyzed brands was used. Measurements were used in the same form that they were reported on each social platform without manipulation, so that clarity is maintained and it is possible to make a comparison.
Analyzed Platforms

  • Facebook (fan pages)
  • Twitter (twitter accounts)

Analyzed Brands
10 of the best airlines worldwide were selected
Source of Data
Socialmetrix Quantum © for quantitative analysis.

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