Last June 8th, Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, announced on its account the incorporation of the 360° format for pictures, to the lines of the social network with highest fans’ number.

On the presentation post he highlighted that, as of that day, almost anyone can use it, they only need the mobile camera and an app which allows to take this kind of pictures. Ah! And the last version of the app for mobiles. Facebook handles the rest!



This tool is here to definitely enhance an experience that proved insufficient with the drag panoramic pictures we already know.


360° pictures can be recognized on a very simple way on the time-lapse of the desktop, as they have a mini compass on the right, and with only a click on the picture, and drag to a side, the user is experiencing the content.


Moreover, smartphones also have the possibility of watching 360° images. To see them, you only have to select the image and drop it or lean the mobile.


Other relevant aspect connected to this innovation is the virtual reality. The person having glasses like for example Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, among others, will have the possibility of enjoying a full experience.


We only need to acknowledge that since this feature appeared, each person that each user has on its friend’s list, will be able to feel as if we’re with him, at that moment, on that place.