Miami, March 13, 2017 – Socialmetrix announced it has migrated its database infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, increasing the use of managed services and allowing the company to reduce administrative costs and increase general stability and agility.


It can prove challenging for SaaS companies to optimize product performance without increasing costs and resources, and it was essential for Socialmetrix to find the right cloud services provider.


“The Microsoft Azure team is dedicated to help design the best possible solutions on their products, and events like DataCamp helped us to have a broader vision of solutions and how they fit together to help us improve,” said Gustavo Arjones, Socialmetrix CTO.


Socialmetrix has clients in more than 11 countries; offices in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and México; and personal attention in Colombia. Its main technological solutions focus on social media listening (Echo) and social media performance (Quantum). As one of the most representative companies among the big data analytical solutions industry, Socialmetrix processes millions of comments from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and RSS feeds.


Azure offers unlimited data storage, improved speed, and a better way to meet the need of latent innovation in the industry.


Using Azure Data Lake, Socialmetrix stores and manages more than 30 TB of information, which helps it to improve and create new products.  Apache Spark (Azure HDInsight and FOSS) enables Socialmetrix to process large amounts of data quickly and reliably, and Docker containers ensure a fast development/implementation cycle. This contributes to the constant improvement of products, which is reflected in added value for Socialmetrix’s clients.


Offering products with a solid base, growing without disconformity, and being ready to attend to the market’s demands are the challenges facing most technology companies. Socialmetrix has decided to meet these challenges with the power and flexibility of Azure.


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