The quantity of Facebook fans manifests, in some way, the level of popularity that a person has.
Among the ten celebrities with the most fans, we find from athletes to singers or actors, and there are even those who fit both of the last two descriptions. 

In this context, at Socialmetrix we consider that it is substantial to learn from those with the most exorbitant communities.

Well, let’s see who finished in each place…

 Taylor Swift

The young Pennsylvania native finds herself in the number 10 spot, and is one of the three female singers in the ranking. The 26-year old blonde is the only woman from the U.S. on the list. Her account had excellent growth with almost 30,000 new fans in the analyzed week.



Will Smith
As mentioned previously, some of those that appear in the ranking are actors and singers. This is the case of Will Smith. This multi-faceted man from Philadelphia finds himself above Swift with almost 200,000 more fans. One notable fact is that in spite of not having a very large community with respect to his colleagues, Will’s is one of the accounts that registered more Engagement.



Michael Jackson

It is the only posthumous account that appears on the list.

In spite of being a pretty active profile with almost on average one publication per day, it is one of those that incorporates less new followers in relation to the others.



Justin Bieber

This Canadian finds himself in seventh place, but something that stood out was that his account was one of the most interactive. During the analyzed week, it went above three million interactions, a product of five publications.




Another female singer in the top 10 is the Barbados native, Rihanna. Her account is one of those that emitted the most contents with an average of one post per day.



Leo Messi

He is one of the two Latin Americans in the ranking. In spite of being in fifth place, his profile is second in terms of growth. In the analyzed week, almost 50,000 new fans were added.




Although “Slim Shady” is the male singer with the most Facebook fans in the world, he does not seem to be very active on this social platform. In the analysis period not even one post was registered. This stands as proof that his is the account with the least Engagement in this Top 10 list.



Vin Diesel

The last place on the podium and the first among the actors, belongs to Vin Diesel.
With almost 100 million supports, this 48-year old U.S. American is one of those who publishes most. On the other hand, the six posts put out by Vin yielded more than six million interactions, making him the second most interactive in the ranking.   




In spite of having the second largest community on the list, the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué added the least amount of new fans during the analyzed week, not going above 20,000.



Cristiano Ronaldo

Although there were opinions surrounding who is the best player in the world found, in this ranking there is no doubt as to who is the best; it is none other than the Portuguese forward from Real Madrid.
CR7 is not only the owner of the most vast community, but also, the one that registers the most growth, most activity, the most engagement, and one of the ones that published the most.

One more title for Cristiano and counting…


This data was obtained by the Socialmetrix Quantum

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*The celebrity accounts with the most fans was taken on 6/14/2016

*Week of analysis 6/16 –6/23

*Source of data: Socialmetrix Quantum