Often times we think about politics and we associate it with their surrounding marketing or we associate it with the defects of their consulting team. These teams tend to take care of all of the political strategy surrounding public character, including, among other things, from political agenda (places that the candidate visits and modes of communication) and speech preparation (including non-verbal communication), to wardrobe and hairstyle. Other aspects tend to be in the hands of consultants that work with their social media management.
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Do you know the real size of your audience?


Socialmetrix Echo now provides a new feature: “Unique Authors”. This new feature will help you identify the scope of the audience that actively participates in the social networks that you analyze.


The qualitative analysis of mentions to brands that you analyze is just as important as being able to assess the actual size of your audience and the impact of their comments. Therefore, as part of our set of audience metrics, we implemented “Unique Authors.”

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