A great idea or something innovative has the chance of becoming something successful, but the challenge is to stay relevant. This “formula” applies to different areas of life:


  • How many singers or bands did you know who had one single successful hit and then they were never heard of again?
  • How many brands or products were once objects of our desire, but today we can hardly remember their names?
  • How many restaurants were “the number 1 place” to go to with friends, and now we would rather walk past their doors?

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As we saw, Social Media is not just a social network, but has become a channel of communication for people and for businesses, and with that role needs to be part of all the mechanisms that make up the measurement of ROI.


In addition to verify that the results of the social media marketing contributed in the scope of business objectives, it is the great burden of proving that investing in social media and digital media can be justified through the return on the investment.

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Arcor Group is the leading food company in Argentina, the world’s leading producer of candy, the main exporter of sweets from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, and in partnership with the Danone Group, one of the largest cookies, alfajores and cereal companies in Latin America.

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There are different reasons as to why it is important to listen to customers and interest groups in social networks, and each one of them has its own individual level of importance that is linked to the business objective of each brand or industry. We have identified 3 major ways of listening that are common in different industries.


In this post we will talking about proactive listening as an one of the ways of Social Media Listening and your best practices (you can also read the full report here), within this field, the following practices are currently highlighted:

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See what your competitors are doing by Listening


Social media listening tools look at a vast amount of information so they can create some interesting data that will help businesses to target key areas for development. Social media listening can be used to generate leads, find influencers and identify key sites. However, what is often overlooked is how these tools can be used to analyze competitors.

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