Arcor Group is the leading food company in Argentina, the world’s leading producer of candy, the main exporter of sweets from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, and in partnership with the Danone Group, one of the largest cookies, alfajores and cereal companies in Latin America.


Arcor is constantly innovating, and over the years has built a strong trust with consumers, especially in South America. Its solid growth and penetration into different countries, both in and outside of South America, present the challenge of meeting the needs of those markets through informed and personalized marketing strategies.




After a successful Brazilian market launch of Plutonita chewing gum, a product that stands out for its extreme acidity, Arcor turned their attention to an Argentine market that was already crowded with similar products. To differentiate their new brand of chewing gum, Arcor launched a marketing campaign aimed at a young and daring audience using Twitter and other social media.




To viralize diffusion, Arcor hired regional celebrities and teen idols, such as Disney’s Violetta, to post photos and videos of their faces chewing Plutonia gum using the hashtag #CaraDePlutonita; making reference to the “face” people make when they chew the gum and feel its extreme acidity.


The concept behind the campaign is based on a challenge to consumers to keep the gum in their mouth for as long as possible without making a “Plutonita face,” in order to enjoy the flavor afterwards.




Arcor’s excellent marketing strategy had to be monitored and measured to understand the key concepts and evaluate the performance of the brand, the product, the campaign, and the audience’s feelings. Socialmetrix Echo was the first platform used for this campaign, and thanks to this tool Arcor was able to obtain the following insights and results:


  • Twitter led the brand’s buzz by far, representing 94% of the mentions of the period. Instagram was second with 1,001 mentions.


  • The most significant peaks in mentions took place on Twitter and were due to teen celebrities’ tweets. Throughout the analysis, @JulianSerrano01 was the most retweeted celebrity (2,337 RTs).



  • During the analysis, Plutonita received 27,040 mentions. With a 3% SOV, it was 11 out of 43 active entities analized in the industry.
  • The campaign had a 95% positive reputation.


  • “Love” or “addiction” to the product was expressed in 2% of the mentions.


  • Teenagers often chewed Plutonita with friends or family (230 mentions).


  • Potential consumers’ comments helped identify opportunities for improvement in the distribution of products to local stores (106 comments).


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