A few months ago our Infrastructure Team started to look for improvements and optimization in our systems infrastructure, as we were adding new technologies to our products.

Almost since the company beginning, we relied mostly on Rackspace for cloud services (mainly virtualization, hosting and database services).


As we grew up, big data problems became bigger and new technologies came to scene we started to need to join a larger more robust platform ecosystem, the conclusion was to move our full platform to AWS.


Sebastian Montini, Chief Infrastructure at Socialmetrix, describes some of the reasons and main advantages for this decision.


When we finally decided to go for AWS, we wanted to use the migration process as an opportunity to improve our datacenters and redesign a big part of our architecture, using the strategic advantage and the innovation edge that Amazon provides as a cloud services provider.


We started this project with a “white canvas”, thinking on every detail and looking to obtain the maximum efficiency from our systems, we designed our server’s architecture for fault tolerance while allowing us to scale quickly and dynamically.


Using many of the services provided by AWS we were able to improve our tools performance by more than 40%, while reducing idle infrastructure costs at its minimum expression.


At this moment we are in the process of integrating several new tools provided by Amazon, like RDS and S3 that will allow us to provide our Social Media Analytics clients with a much better performance for data access, and not only better response times but also we’ll be able to guarantee better “durability” of the data.


Thanks to EC2, EBS and Route53, we have the opportunity to provide redundant services to support system failures without any impact on data access or its quality, guarantying a better user experience in every moment.


Last, but not least, the level of automation we were able to achieve by implementing “CloudFormation” allows us to speed up the provisioning process for new clients, enabling us to reduce not only setup times but also minimize the chances for human error.


The opportunity to delegate the high complexity of our systems infrastructure into an industry leader like AWS, let us focus the largest part of our time and resources to improve our products, develop new tools and provide a better service to our clients.


The next generation of Socialmetrix’ products will be even more integrated with AWS infrastructure, relying in services like DynamoDB and Elastic Map Reduce among others.


By Socialmetrix-