Founded in 1967 in France, Royal Canin is a world leader into the food market for pets.

Royal Canin has embraced the commitment with Nutrition Health, with the aim of providing most innovative and adapting nutritional responses for specific cat’s and dog’s needs.

Present in over 90 countries, has 12 factories in the world and a human group of +6.000 associates.


Over the last decade, pet owners and lovers have increasingly turning into online communities, forums, blogs and more recently social networks, to share the experiences and challenges to breed and take care of their pets. In particular, those who own certain specific cats and dogs breeds who need special attention and nutrition.


Aware of this trend, Royal Canin decided to start actively listening to conversations about pets, more specifically about cats and dogs, to understand which concerns and information needs these pet owners and lovers have.


To do so, Royal Canin needed a Social Media Listening partner with technology capable not only to keep track of their brand mentions, but also to be able to automatically detect those conversation topics and their relevance for pet owners.


The platform of choice for Royal Canin was Socialmetrix Echo, a platform specially suited for Royal Canin needs due to its text mining capabilities and its high accuracy in foreign languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, giving Royal Canin deep insights about those conversation topics that matter the most; such as Health, Food Ingredients, Nutritional Capabilities and Price among others.


By using Socialmetrix Echo, Royal Canin listened to conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Forums and Blogs.

With the results obtained from this analysis, Royal Canin started to produce specific content focused on those topics detected by Socialmetrix Echo and targeted to those who own and love pets.


After a few content iterations, Royal Canin saw the engagement in their social media outlets rise more than 50%, and its contents were organically re-distributed by their audience. As a result, Royal Canin awareness and premium positioning was reinforced on all social media channels.


Socialmetrix Echo also helped Royal Canin to benchmark their Social Share of Voice against their main competitors and understand their weaknesses and opportunity areas to develop new communications materials as well as new marketing strategies.