Do you know the real size of your audience?


Socialmetrix Echo now provides a new feature: “Unique Authors”. This new feature will help you identify the scope of the audience that actively participates in the social networks that you analyze.


The qualitative analysis of mentions to brands that you analyze is just as important as being able to assess the actual size of your audience and the impact of their comments. Therefore, as part of our set of audience metrics, we implemented “Unique Authors.”


More news from product development:


New Design for Emerging Topics

We are working on a new way of displaying the Emerging Topics view the comments generated by the brands that you analyze.






New Design on Authors Metrics

The list of users who have generated the largest amount of opinions surrounding the analyzed brands is now more clearly available.




Gender Information

What is the gender distribution of the audience interacting with the brands that you analyze?


Twitter Geolocation

Where are the Twitter users who comment or mention the analyzed brands on my platform?