In a sense, the Internet is just like the real market – it also has market shares, only in terms of voice. On the Internet, a company’s share of voice is the percentage of all online content and conversations about the company compared to its competitors.


Unlike real market share, measuring a company’s share of voice in social media platforms offers more data than just customer purchase and customer loyalty. Monitoring your company’s share of voice gives you access to a lot of information, ranging from brand awareness to in-depth comments, all in comparison to your competitors.


At Socialmetrix we offer analytic services that can monitor your company’s share of voice from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to any website offering RSS feeds. Depending on your company’s needs all customized reports come in user-friendly interfaces. We provide the whole package – quantitative and qualitative analysis, trough Socialmetrix Echo, enabling you to generate industry reports based on the share of voice, which identify the major competitors most talked about by your target customers.


Our platform can even analyze your share of voice by country – extremely useful if you plan to overtake your competitors in certain markets. Socialmetrix Echo calculates the shares based on entities rather than specific keywords, and that’s what makes it accurate. It doesn’t matter whether people say “Facebook” or “Fb”; it’s all counted.


Our qualitative analysis gives you more in-depth information. You may have a large share of voice, but are the voices positive? With built-in sentiment analysis, the system can automatically figure out whether the comments are positive, negative or neutral based on the language used. Complementary to the sentiment analysis, Socialmetrix records chronological and live data, which not only lets you follow your events and share of voice in real time, but also trend changes – like the percentage of positive feedback from customers over time.


With the quantitative and qualitative analysis combined in Socialmetrix, you can measure your company’s share of voice both in volume and in positivity. Our system is designed for you to monitor the industry’s performance through social media, which provides information for formulating business strategies in relation to your competitors.


Knowledge is power, and power means you have better control over how your business is performing and how your customers perceive your business. Socialmetrix provides you that knowledge. With the right implementation, it can help you increase your share both in voice and in the market. And soon, you may very well be ahead of your competitors, and it’ll be your company the Internet is talking about most.


By Socialmetrix–