AWS re:Invent is a learning conference that offers 3 days of technical content so attendees can dive deeper into the AWS cloud computing platform. The event is ideal for developers, architects, and technical decision makers. The event will also attract AWS partners, press, and analysts interested in cloud computing. The majority of the conference content is focused on technical deep dives for existing AWS customers, but there will also be content covering new service announcements, overviews of existing services, and content for executive decision makers.


Since 2008, Socialmetrix has faced the incredible and challenging field of Analytics Solutions and has been highlighted in Latin America as a pioneer and one of the leading companies of Social Media Listening and Analytics in the region.


One of the most distinguishing features of Socialmetrix has always been the quality of its team and its research and development capabilities in the field of Big Data, and the implementation of best practices and reliable processes for analytics.


In the last months, Socialmetrix have participated in key events on research and technological innovation, such as: Big Data in the Data Mining master’s degree of Buenos Aires University, WISIT 2014, Java Conf2014, and MySQL | NoSQL | Cloud LATAM Conference. In addition, it is also one of the highlights in the special report of the Information Technology Magazine.


This year, for the first time, Socialmetrix will be participating in the AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, USA. This is an important milestone both for the company and for the technology sector in Latin America. The agenda that Socialmetrix will bring to the table will aim to guide other companies, developers and researchers to use best practices in working with real-time information. It will guide them to be more efficiently while using AWS Services: Amazon RDS, AWS CloudFormation, Auto Scaling Groups, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce for better performance in less time and with higher profits.


The Solutions Architect, Sebastian Montini, as well as the CTO and Co-Founder Gustavo Arjones will be speaking at the conference and also attending the event  as Socialmetrix representatives.