In April, 2007, two of the world’s largest trade fair promoters merged to form Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado. It was the result of a joint venture between Reed Exhibitions, which has been in Brazil since 1997, and Alcantara Machado Feiras de Nogócios, which was founded in 1956. Among the first of its fairs was the Mecânica Fair of 1959, and the Automobile Trade Show of 1960.


Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado currently organizes 40 business fairs throughout Brazil, each of which involves events from the most diverse of industry segments. The promoter’s objectives include providing exhibitors and their customers with the opportunity to increase their business, to bring international buyers to Brazil, and to arrange new partnerships.


Among the events that were monitored by Reed Alcantara was the Sao Paulo Automobile Trade Show in Brazil, which is the most important automobile trade show in Latin America.


Reed Alcantara decided to monitor the event’s social networking activities for 30 days, focusing specifically on the 12 days in which the fair actually took place. The goal was to identify the themes of public interest, any potential points of inconvenience, and any possible buzz that it may generate.


With Socialmetrix Echo, Reed Alcantara was able to monitor the before, during, and after of the event, successfully identifying problems with row delays, inconvenience with ticket providers, and structural issues with air conditioning. Additionally, they were also able to measure the buzz and analyze public perception with relation to various factors during the event.



The Social Media Listening allowed them to identify issues that were relevant to the event while it was happening and also to make corrective and strategic decisions to enhance people’s perceptions.


Currently Reed Alcantara Machado monitors 44 events from different areas of the industry through Socialmetrix Echo, which allows them to configure each event according to your business needs.


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