Ad:tech London is where the UK digital marketing and media community meet each year to source suppliers, network with the industry and understand the latest trends and technologies. The 2013 event attracted over 5,000 marketing and media professionals and saw a huge surge in attendees looking to invest in marketing, media and technology. It is a must-attend event for anyone who sells to brands, agencies, or media owners.


As a representative Event of the Industry of Marketing, Media, and Technology, ad:tech could not fail to have a social media strategy. Thinking where most your target audience is concentrated Ad: Tech, choose to direct their ears to Twitter, and as a listening tool choose Socialmetrix Eventia.


Socialmetrix Eventia enables event organizers to monitor conversations held on Twitter about the topics that matter most, including speakers’ performances, buzz volume, top Influencers, geographic coverage, and relevant discussion topics for the audience.


While the event is taking place, Eventia presents metrics and insights on participants, discovers which topics stand out, and which details need to be improved upon in order to ensure that the event is successful, specifically with a strong impact online.


The impact of Socialmetrix Eventiawas seen not only by the organizers, but by the audience as well.  Viewers were encouraged to see their Tweets reproduced on 2 large screens where they could see all the metrics in real time upon entering the event.


What ad:tech London was able to identify with Socialmetrix Eventia?


  • “Twitter was the number one social channel used in this event”


  • “ad:tech London produced almost 99% of the conversations produced by more than 1,600 authors during the 2 days of the event. Internet World, a competing event in London, was also monitored during the same 2 days and their impact was as little as almost non-existent in Twitter conversations.”


  • “Most of conversations generated were neutral with 12% of opinions being positive or negative.”


  • “The top 3 topics creating buzz during the event were: Marketing, Mobile/Video and Social Media.”


  • “Speaker Alan Boughen received the biggest amount of mentions during the event.”


  • “Peaks of mentions occurred at 9.00 am on day 1 and at 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm on both days.”


  • “The engagement in ad:tech London’s Twitter handler was created by 24% of the total followers in this time period.”


“Socialmetrix Eventia is an essential part of our communication strategy on social channels and help us celebrate and demonstrate the power and richness of our social media community”, said Matthew Appleby, Marketing Director at ad:tech London.