Instagram seems to have backpedaled on their proposed algorithm.
Focus in the claim of the users, this Social Network post on his Twitter account:



The change, could appear anytime, though.

Before deeply knowing what we mean when we confirm could have change on this network, it is important to know the role Socialmetrix plays.

The change on the algorithm could affect user´s timeline, but not the API where Socialmetrix extracts the data.


Change would become more significant to “common” users as their posts began to be relegated. The thing is accounts from famous brands, people or organizations could appear at the beginning of the timeline, whether posts are organic or promoted.


Which would be changed?


As Facebook has done (who owns Instagram since 2012) and then Twitter, this social network could be change its algorithm.

Instagram would leave aside chronological principle to start showing content according to the importance they have.

The company affirmed due to significant activity, timelines lose around 70% of posts. Subject to this analysis, Instagram would prominently exhibit posts according to relevance and the activity a user has with a specific account.


After these announcements, users expressed their discomfort, saying content from their real friends would be lost only to see content from accounts with a high number of followers. It is possible detractors have received the news incorrectly or that they disbelieve what Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, Instagram founders, announced.

Let´s remember that, as previously mentioned, the activity Instagrammers have with their acquaintances´ accounts comes into play. Meanwhile, critics of this new morphology have expressed themselves with the hashtag #RIPInstagram.



A little bit of history…


The amount of information social networks have, has been gradually increasing as time goes by. This “issue” has made many of these adapt to these variations.


Facebook, sometimes as a prophet, has started to show the way when in 2009 they changed. What changed? It has modified the way in which news are displayed. It has switched from a chronologically ordered to a highlighted news timeline; though, maintaining the traditional option for those who preferred to see the news one by one as posted.


Twitter also went down this path. In a way, they did the same thing as Facebook had done years before. What they introduced was the “while you were away” option. This dilemma watered to show most relevant tweets sent while user is away. Let´s keep in mind criticism was not good at first, and detractors expressed their discomfort under the hashtag #RipTwitter.